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Individual sessions                    => Make an appointment HERE
A relaxation therapy session (whether individual or in a group) generally lasts 60 min. However, it can vary from 45 min to 1:15 depending on the audience.
Each session is personalized  with the aim of solving a particular problem:  stress and emotional management, mental preparation for events, insomnia, fatigue,  support for medical treatments, management of phobias, addictions or pain, improvement of concentration, relaxation and relaxation, etc ...
To achieve sustainably  its objective, it is generally necessary to plan 8 to 12 sessions.
A session is built in 3 phases:



The very first session begins with a little longer discussion time  to get to know each other, to put words on your needs, your desires and your expectations in order to define together your objective.


The exchange time for the following sessions, shorter,  will allow us  to know where you are in your journey, to collect additional elements to build the sessions to come.

Exchange time



You will perform  a  series of exercises while standing or sitting. These exercises focus on the body, synchronization of movement and breathing.

During and between exercises, breaks are provided to allow you to  become aware of the physical sensations and the emotional effects they create in you.


Each exercise is adapted to your possibilities.

Dynamic relaxation



This exercise uses  visualization  past or future events with  work on the imagination or on various sensations. He  is  destined  relate to the capacities that you can mobilize to  achieve your goal.


I will invite you to sit comfortably and let yourself be guided by my voice for a while.  relaxation and visualization of positive images  adapted to  the intention of the session.

Mental imagery

The session ends again with a time of exchange where I  invite you to express in your own words the feelings, thoughts and emotions that appeared during the practice.  


The exercises performed during the sessions are intended to be reused  in your daily life and will be of precious help to you at all times of life.  It is the regular practice which allows a lasting and effective result!


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