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Sophrology  is a set of techniques which acts on the body and on the mind. This method makes it possible to develop the consciousness of an individual through listening to his feelings.


Women, men, children, relaxation therapy is for everyone and adapts to the needs and constraints of each. It is a great tool for discovering your own resources, thriving and improving your quality of life ...  


Concretely, these are exercises that lead to work on breathing, muscle relaxation and suggestion  mental  through the visualization of positive images. All these techniques make it possible to acquire a better knowledge of oneself for  regain a state of well-being , stimulate their capacities and activate their potential.


To do this, I put at your disposal my skills and the necessary tools but it is you who make the way, the result depends on you! You are an ACTOR of the sessions.


Sophrologue Levallois

During the sessions, you will breathe  and make movements using  Personalized exercises that you can easily redo at home, at the office, in transport, before going to bed ... These exercises only last a few minutes, their repetition will allow you to obtain results very quickly.


The effectiveness of sophrology techniques  is verified in various fields of application for, for example:

  • allow an athlete to be more efficient,  

  • reduce anxiety, stay calm, get restful sleep,  

  • fight certain addictions, eating disorders

  • learn to manage stress and emotions

  • regain a state of well-being,  

  • accompany a woman before and after childbirth,

  • relax before a medical intervention, help you to live better with your treatments

  • prepare for an exam, competition, job interview, appointment  important,  

  • learn to manage your stage fright, speak in public,  

  • give a child the means to stay focused, attentive, help him improve his memory ...

As a Sophrologist, I am bound by a Code of ethics : confidentiality, benevolence, without judgment. What is said in the office stays in the office.  We are neither a doctor nor a psychologist  therefore we do not do medical prescription. 

The origins of Sophrology


The term “sophrology” was created in 1960 by Alfonso Caycedo, a Spanish neuropsychiatrist of Colombian origin. Inspired by ancient Greek, it  means study of the harmonization of consciousness. Originally, this term referred to hypnosis techniques used in hospitals by psychiatrists. This method allowed patients to become aware of their conditions and to make them actors in their treatment.


It was from 1967 that other techniques enriched the hypnotic bases of sophrology.  such as the "Coué method" (positive thinking), "Jacobson's progressive relaxation" (relaxation of muscle tension), "Schultz's autogenic training" (self-relaxation by suggestion), phenomenology (learning to non-judgment), yoga (stimulation of breathing and muscle relaxation) and zen (practice of meditation).  The amalgamation of all these techniques in a single method makes relaxation therapy complete and effective.


In 1972, the first Congress of Sophrology in France took place at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital and from 1974 sophrology began to emerge from the medical world to become today a preventive discipline.

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